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Night Driving Over Glasses UV Wind Protection [Grey]


  • Polarized night vision driving glasses can be worn over existing prescription glasses with Fashion appeal and designer features. These Night vision glasses are specially designed for wearing over prescription eyewear, It easily wear over your regular glasses,Ensure driving safety on foggy or rainy days
  • These night vision driving glasses fit over Small to Large size Rx glasses
  • The frame is extremely flexible, durable and light weight making it the perfect material for performance eyewear
  • The yellow lens can reduce glare, add contrast to your vision and increase visual clarity when you drive at night,dusk or rainy day. Night vision glasses will balance the polarized and vision,which can cut the glare from headlight and increase brightness.

Product Description

Optic Night Vision Driving Anti Glare HD Glasses UV Wind Protection Eyeglasses

Description: Side Protect Design

Feature: HD Vision technology gives you clarity that you have never experienced

With side lens for improved peripheral vision

Great for Low Light & Foggy Conditions

Light weight & durable

A Yellow Lens Night Driving Sunglasses to “fit over” for your prescription eyeglasses, 63mm size will fit over medium to large prescription glasses.

These glasses you can wear over your RX glasses.

It can be worn by itself as well.


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