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100% Cotton Paisley Bandana Double Sided 12 PACK


  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Machine washable for easy care; softens even more after every wash. 100% color fast means that you can trust these bandanas with your other clothing; Bandana Hut bandanas do not fade or bleed in the wash.
  • Package includes 12 full size bandanas at 21″ by 21″
  • 100% color fast; will not fade or bleed in wash
  • Sewn on all 4 sides for better quality and longer life span
  • Highest quality bandana 
  • Unisex bandana for all ages

Product Description

Heads Up has a long history of creating quality bandanas. Heads Up surpasses the competition by placing high standards on the fabric and its production.

Those standards include:
• Highest quality cotton for softness
• sewn edges for durability
• color fast for zero color bleed
• double sided print for consistent styling
• non-fading print for uniform longevity
This distinguishes Heads Up bandanas from the competition. Even after multiple years and washes, the fine fabric and vibrant colors stay intact and extremely comfortable.

Wipe away sweat, wipe away stains, wear as an accessory. A bandana’s functional uses are infinite.
Traditionally, they fit in your pocket as a hanky, can be tied around your head as a sweat band, and worn around your arm or neck.
Liven up your games and parties by bringing bandanas for color war, team games, blindman’s bluff, youth groups and clubs.
When you find yourself in a crowd, use your colorful bandanas to single out members of your group, or single out your knapsack with a bandana.

Accessorize and add a bandana to your purse for a fashionable flair of individuality.
Dampen with water for a warm or cool compress.
Exercise and use the bandana as a sweatband.

Heads Up places such care into their product because you have asked for it. The quality fabric and production is based on what customers have expressed. You can continue sending us suggestions; leave a comment in your review to tell Heads Up which trend you want to see printed onto the next bandana.

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Pack Size

1 pc, 12 pcs


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