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The secret to great looking skin

Derma Roller and Case

 Getting great looking skin can be difficult – it can often mean making changes to your diet or taking on any number of lotions and potions, but this can often take considerable time – wouldn’t it be great to have a solution that you can put to work with quick, long-lasting results?  The derma roller is arguably one of our favourite skin accessories – it’s a tool which can be used to treat a whole host of skin issues, blemishes and other unsightly problems. Here at Boolavard, we offer our own derma roller line as part of our Derma Roller Company brand – and we are just as amazed by the science behind our products as our customers are!

How do they work?

Derma Roller Skin Care Therapy

Derma rollers are used to pierce the skin on a microscopic level – thanks to hundreds of tiny needles, they carefully break open the skin and allow natural elastin and collagen to be produced in direct reaction.  This means that you can increase the production of skin-toughening chemicals by up to 200%, allowing your body to recover from scarring, blemishes and even cellulite even quicker than before.  Beyond this, studies also show that various creams and supplements can be used alongside to help promote their effects – after all, with more openings in the skin, treatments can enter our biology quicker and will therefore take effect sooner and more effectively.  It’s a two-pronged attack upon all sorts of skin complaints – and Boolavard are proud to offer the technology as part of our fantastic skin care coverage.

Why you should choose the Derma Roller

Skin Care Before and After

While certain exfoliation products and treatments only ever scrub away the topmost layer of skin, it can take a long time for your skin to recover – while needling the skin will speed up this process by weeks.  This is because needling, particularly on behalf of a derma roller, directly punctures certain points in the skin to provoke a reaction from the body – meaning that while exfoliation and other treatments may be worthwhile in some circumstances, anyone looking for quick results may do well looking into needling as a first resort.

The long term answer

Derma rollers are fantastic at producing natural collagen and can be used to attack certain skin complaints such as stretch marks, scarring and can even help to attack wrinkles.  It’s an extremely versatile tool with a very simple science that really is appealing to more and more people.  They are also incredibly cost-effective – while some skin treatments can escalate in price, derma rollers are one-off purchases that really do offer long-term usage and appeal.  Simply by opening up your skin that little bit more, you can look forward to losing those unsightly blemishes in just a matter of days.

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Boolavard offer a wealth of beauty accessories and essentials along with cosmetic science that really breeds results that last.  For more details on derma rollers and on how they can help you attain great-looking skin in just a handful of days, call us today on 01636 705 514 or email us for more details at your convenience.