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The bandana is a fashion item that has really transcended culture and time – debuting decades ago during the 50s, they are widely used to help embellish a certain look inspired by the music of the time.  They, too, have managed to evolve and stay relevant across history – with their various styles and looks taking on considerable popularity on both sides of the Atlantic.  If you’re looking to rock a specific look or one that’s inspired by movements of the past, our super-comfortable bandana headband range will be sure to provide you with both ease of wear and that cutting edge look you’re aiming for.

The perfect festival accessory

FestivalThe bandana headband has been lurking around for some time – it may not be at the forefront of fashion as it used to be, but they are still hugely sought-after for festivals, nights out and even for fancy dress.  Bandana headbands offered by our Heads Up range are both practical and the ideal addition to any outfit fitted to rock out in the sunshine – allowing you to tie back hair and to keep you protected against unwanted sweat and weather.  Festivals are very much at the top of the agenda for millions of us – and a great-looking bandana always seems to blend in and stand out from the crowd simultaneously.  It really is a timeless look that does somehow manage to be effortlessly practical at the same time.

Our fantastic range

We’re certain that our range of bandana headbands will look great for years to come – particularly as the festival scene has never been bigger.  The bandanas we offer as part of our Heads Up range can be worn flexibly with any outfits worn by men and women alike – meaning that you’re never restricted by what you choose to tie up!  We have a fantastic range of styles and colours available – from the timeless double-sided paisley design in various colours to classic camo and the US flag, we have choices in our catalogue that will strike a look to rock any event or party – whether you’re aiming for fancy address or are really looking to build that unique look and flair.

Look good, feel good

Navy Blue BandanaAll of our headbands are 100% cotton and start at the low price of just 99p – meaning that you can afford to tie yourself up whether you’re watching bands or are simply looking to opt for a summer look to start your own fashion trend.  We believe that you should never have to sacrifice comfort for fashion – and we can therefore assure that all of our bandana headbands will feel as good as they look – and you may even inspire one or two festival-heads to join you in bringing back this much-loved accessory.

Contact us

Along with our brilliant range of eye-catching sunglasses and other summer essentials, here at Boolavard we’re sure you’ll be able to fit a bandana or two into your wardrobe.  Why not take a closer look at our catalogue or contact us on (+44) 01636 705 514 for more information?  With styles and colours to inspire anyone looking to rock out this summer, why not see what inspires you?