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Retro Sunglasses by Retro UV – Boolavard®

RETRO UV® is an original Boolavard brand, offering the most stunning Retro Sunglasses, Boolavard can ensure you’ll find the right shape and size to match your style.

Whatever the occasion, we have the glasses for you, all the way from Wayfarer, the revamped retro glasses, to the classic vintage Sunglasses that are the Aviators. Our wide range of frame designs, colours and lenses make it so that you’ll be sure to find the glasses to match your style.

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Wayfarer Style

If you’re a festival goer or casual fashion follower, you’ll have definitely heard of the retro sunglasses that are the Wayfarer. These Classic 80’s shades look great in the summer and with their simple design, manage to look great with almost every outfit. The Wayfarer RETRO UV® range also includes an array of different frame and lens colours so that you can style these retro glasses however you want, whether it be everyday casual wear or fancy dress.

Aviator Style

Another popular choice, and long lasting icon in terms of sunglasses, is the beautifully British, tear drop Aviators. This design has been around for many years and still holds its place as one of the top vintage sunglasses. Boolavard offers the Classic Aviator amongst its leading designs, with a premium metal frame and polarized lens to prevent glare, you’ll find no better Aviator than the RETRO UV® Design. Available in a wide range of colours, from the Hot Pink shade to the Ocean Depths Blue, our aviators fit every occasion.

Cat Eye Style

Amongst our most popular designs is Boolavards modern take on the vintage sunglasses style, Cat Eye. A mixture between the Classic Aviator and Cat Eye shape, these glasses offer a completely original look that will be sure to stun in the shining summer. Wearable with beach wear, or perhaps a smart-casual summer look, these glasses become the perfect accessory to sport with most sunshine-based outfits. These glasses also come in a spotted frame design, providing a classic, vintage look for the more outgoing of characters.

Quality Assured

When it comes to quality, Boolavard will ensure you receive not only a well built and sturdy frame, but also the best protection for your eyes, as all our retro sunglasses are verified UV400 protected and are built with a flex fit hinge. With our RETRO UV® Design, we can guarantee that all our glasses are quality assured and help to block harmful UVA and UV Rays. All our glasses also come with a handy drawstring microfiber case, helping keep your glasses safe and scratch free! Meaning whatever style you go for, whether it be the womens vintage style sunglasses or the mens retro sunglasses, they’ll be sure to stay shiny and safe.

At Boolavard, all our products are also available wholesale. We provide the highest quality goods and can ensure all of our items have been tested and certified. If you’re thinking of setting up your own store, stall, or even if you need a bulk order for a party or special occasion, Boolavards wholesale option would be perfect for you. It’s also possible for us to provide custom printing and designs for larger orders, whatever the requirement, here at Boolavard we’re happy to help. If you have any questions, please contact us for further information and enquiries.