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Skin CareFace Apeel

In the modern day, with our busy life’s and gruelling regimes, it’s not unusual for our skin to feel dry and neglected. Although with work and responsibilities, it can be difficult to make time for a trip to the spa or dermatologist, this is where the face mask comes in. A natural face mask is the perfect treatment for those who are suffering from skin care concerns or desire a relaxing spa-like session from the comfort of your home.

How do they work

You may have heard the rumours, about the wonders these masks do for your skin, but how do they work exactly? Face masks are designed to effectively bind with dead skin cells, blocked pores and those pesky black heads, which are then pulled away from the skin when removing the mask, painless and effortlessly.


It’s often mistaken that a face wash each day will suffice, although a simple clean will remove things like dirt and oils, you won’t get the quality of deep clean that a face mask provides. The only way you’ll remove impurities like black heads, blocked pores or dead skin cells is by using a quality, natural face mask. If you’re conscious about keeping your skin healthy, this process is a must, as blocked pores can lead to the development of bacteria, which in turn causes spots, blemishes and breakouts. Removing these impurities using a face mask will be sure to make your skin feel fresh, alive and healthy.

Radiant Skin

If you’ve been longing for softer, smoother looking, radiant skin, the face mask could give you what you’ve been looking for. The actual process of the face mask drying and hardening helps to stimulate blood flow, along with expanding blood vessels which gives your skin a much fresher and healthier look. This also promotes sweat gland secretion, increasing the oxygen content of your skin. Perfect if you want to achieve that flawless skin which previously seemed so difficult to get.


Skin can often feel dry, tired and dehydrated which can then make you feel tired and run down yourself. An effortless way to combat this is through the use of a great, natural face mask that will bring moisture and hydration to dry and exhausted skin. Whilst applied, the water in the mask will infiltrate the epidermis and provide hydronation and elasticity back to then skin. This will also give the skin a more youthful and fuller look when the mask is removed.

Age Reduction

After using face masks for an extended period of time, you’ll start to see an evident change in the look of your skin. The reduction of pore size and firmer, tighter skin, gives your skin a much more youthful look with less fine lines and wrinkles in your appearance.

Natural Benefit

It’s part of many people’s routine to use anywhere from five to ten different products on their bodies each day, and if those products aren’t using natural ingredients then that can be ten potentially toxic chemicals residing on your skin, which is why it’s important to look for natural alternatives when possible. This will help your body avoid these toxins, which leads to other health benefits. Studies suggest using natural products in our daily routine helps prevent conditions such as photoaging, hyper pigmentation and inflammation of the skin.

Taking ActionFace Mask

If you’d like to take hold of your skin care routine, and give yourself the treatment your body deserves, Boolavard offer a completely natural face mask that provides all the benefits mentioned. Containing no colours, parabens, mineral oils or silicone, this face mask offers an entirely natural experience; we can also assure that our product has not been tested on animals. So, if you’d like to learn more or see our range, visit us at Boolavard or contact on 01636 705 514