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Fidget Toys for stress relief

Fidget spinners or EDC spinners – EDC stands for ‘Every Day Carry’ – are the take anywhere stress relief toy that many are turning to when they want to ease the tension in day to day life.

From providing a calming distraction during meetings to easing the boredom of every day situations, fidget toys can help you. They fit comfortably in your pocket so you can have one everywhere you go.

What is a Fidget Spinner?

Fidget toys are three-armed and around 5cm in diameter. Made of brightly coloured plastic or rubber they have 4 sets of bearing in them, with one on each arm and a central set that the spinner rotates around. The bearings are sealed and super smooth so when the fidget toy is spun, it will rotate smoothly for as long as possible.

How do Fidget Toys relieve stress?

Usually the spinner is held centrally between finger and thumb and spun. Basically the actt of the rotating spinner and the action of spinning the toy with either one or both hands is a distraction from situation. The fast spinning toy feels pleasant with it’s gyroscopic forces in play, and the spinner has a mesmerising, hypnotic effect that focuses the attention.

It is mainly the act of fiddling with the fidget spinner that eases nervous tension by giving twitching fingers something to focus on instead of the usual habits of nail biting or finger drumming. These habits contribute to the nervous state, wheras the goal orientated fidget spinner relieves tension.

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