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Trouser Braces by Back to Braces® – Boolavard

BACK TO BRACES® is a Boolavard brand company, with a vision to bring back the well-dressed look. All our trouser braces are unisex and have a ‘Y’ shaped back. It’s rare to see a well-dressed man without a belt these days. However, the leather belt as a practical garment is a fairly recent invention. Prior to the First World War, belts were largely decorative outside of military uniforms (and even then were often more decorative than practical among officers and aristocrats).

The traditional device for holding up trousers was a pair of mens suspenders/braces. To this day, trouser braces remain the preferred method to hold up a pair of trousers by many fine dressers. Whether the desire to be the dapper chap our trendy lady these braces for trousers are the perfect option.

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Braces (which are called suspenders in the United States among other countries), join at the back in with Y-shape, to keep pairs from being separated, our braces are elasticized all the way around the strap, with clips at each end which grip the top of the waistband.

But is there any advantage to wearing trouser braces over the more common belt? In fact, yes there is. The standard belt cinches a waistband tighter to the body, whereas mens suspenders give either three (Y-shaped) or four (X-shaped or separate) fixed points for the trousers to hang from. This essentially creates a waist-shaped hanger that the trousers rest on.

What this eliminates is the bunching of fabric that occurs when anything but a very tightly-fitted waistband is cinched with a belt, and allows the fabric around the hips and knees to fall in a smooth fashion rather than ballooning out from under the belt.

The smart, and neat appearance of trousers being held up by suspenders is also widely recognized as a more comfortable arrangement for most men. Not only this, but mens suspenders can also be adjusted to raise or lower the pants so that the point where the legs join is comfortably situated.

We stock many different colours, from more traditional colours like black, grey, brown, red, white & blue to aluminous pink, yellow and green. This helps match a set of trouser braces to every outfit. The bright colours have become popular within the fancy-dress world, with the geek look being on the up rise.

BACK TO BRACES® by Boolavard was set up to offer our customers a single order of braces to add to your wardrobe, however we also offer these items in bulk which is great for those organising parties or stag and hen do’s. We can also personalise these braces for trousers, add a customised packing or even your own branding to the product, this is available for the larger orders, perfect for customers who would like to open their own shop or stall.